Apple heaven

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Traditionally Apple flavour with a strong refined taste

Premium Shishaboss E-liquid flavours

Traditionally Apple flavour with a strong refined taste 

Strong a Available in the following strengths:

  •  0mg (0% nicotine)
  • 18mg 

Our Nicotine flavours are Made using UK produced Pharma-grade nicotine which complies with the strictest of EU and UK 

We use Skilfully composed mixtures with a natural combination of carefully selected ingredients, to preserve our products tastes and flavours. Our flavours come in a mixed form of 70% PG & 30% VG offering the perfect combination which enhances the flavour, taste, and density of the liquid.

Using our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the production of Vapor Flavor liquid – and enclosing it in modern, elegant design packaging – we have managed to create new premium products that cannot be matched in terms of price, quality and taste.

manufactured in the UK*

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