Clearomizer & Atomizer

The atomizer is an essential part of an electronic cigarette.

It is a part that transforms the fluids into vapour by heating up the coil that's connected with the filler material that contains the e-liquid. Remember to be aware that atomizers may get really hot while in use. Be cautious while handling them right after use.

Cleaning, proper care and maintenance of atomizers is yet another matter that holds no certain solutions. Some individuals clean their atomizers daily, while there are others clean it weekly. Some people just blow them out and allow them to dry upside down on paper towels, other people run them under hot water or dip them in pure grain alcohol for a couple of minutes. Again it is really an area in which you will need to exercise due diligence and determine what suits you best.

Atomizers are just like light bulbs, they'll wear out over time. A few will serve you for a very long time (Three months) and some will go fairly quickly (14 days or less). You shouldn't depend on a single atomizer.

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